James White maestersid Epic Games

maestersid/MySentiment 1

Simple text analysis app built to demonstrate Azure and Cognitive Services. Based off

maestersid/WowData 1

Wow Character viewer

maestersid/AdventOfCode19 0

2019 Advent of Code Challenge Solutions

maestersid/app-acquaint 0

A Xamarin demo app for Demo

maestersid/appcenter-sampleapp-ios-swift 0

App Center sample Swift app for iOS

maestersid/DnD5e_CBMobile 0

D&D 5 character builder app

maestersid/FormsFabApp 0

Example of using Xamarin.Forms Native Views to add a Floating Action Button to your project

maestersid/LoginScreen 0

LoginScreen Sample App

maestersid/MyContacts 0

Employee Directory Using MyContacts