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Tests exit with error code 0

Hi @piuccio, I love the minimalistic approach of Baretest. It makes it quite easy to build on top of it.

Regarding your problem with all tests having the same name: maybe this comment is helpful.


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I dont get what should be in a distributed test

Hi @aldomendez, this is something I was also wondering about. According to the source code of baretest it currently is not possible to get the same exact nice output as in the screenshot on the baretest website.

I ended up with this:

// baretest calls at the end of the suite. 
// this adds ugly new lines between the output of multiple suits
// let's redefine to get rid of those extra line breaks = () => {};

async function runTests() {
  await require("./test/users").run();
  await require("./test/teams").run();
  await require("./test/sharing").run();
  await require("./test/commenting").run();
  await require("./test/billing").run();


Then each of the test files exports the test suite like this:

const test = module.exports = require("baretest")("Users");
const assert = require("assert");

test("...", function () { /* ... */ })

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