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lukehorvat/github-ast-viewer 66

Google Chrome extension for viewing the abstract syntax tree (AST) of code on GitHub.

lukehorvat/computed-style-to-inline-style 64

Convert a HTML element's computed CSS to inline CSS.

lukehorvat/graphql-trello 15

GraphQL interface to Trello's API.

lukehorvat/musicxml-to-pcm 12

Convert MusicXML to PCM audio data.

lukehorvat/babby 10

A thin wrapper around Babel v6 to enable "advanced" plugins. Experimental.

lukehorvat/flashular 9

A Rails-inspired flash service for AngularJS. Anything you place in the flash is exposed to the very next route and then cleared out. Also includes a Bootstrap-compatible directive for displaying flash alerts.

lukehorvat/musicxml-to-mp3 9

Convert MusicXML to MP3.

lukehorvat/module 8

Generate the minimal skeleton/boilerplate for a new Node.js module.

lukehorvat/create-trello-webhook 6

Easily create a Trello webhook.

lukehorvat/cdn_assets 5

Quickly and easily include popular CDN assets (e.g. jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome, etc.) in your Ruby on Rails application.