lukeautry/tsoa 1129

Build OpenAPI-compliant REST APIs using TypeScript and Node

lukeautry/ts-app 144

Boilerplate project for a TypeScript API (Express, tsoa) + UI (React/TSX)

snaptopixel/vuex-ts-decorators 50

Write Vuex stores and modules with type-safety and code completion

lukeautry/tsoa-example 32

An example of tsoa usage

lukeautry/visualCaptcha-aspnet 10

VisualCaptcha for ASP.NET MVC

gocraft/meta 9

JSON and URL query input validation

lukeautry/openapi-ts-client-gen 9

An OpenAPI (Swagger) TypeScript client generator

lukeautry/DotNetWebSDK 8

Library for generating TypeScript classes/AJAX wrapper from .NET model classes

lukeautry/typescript-bundler 7

A sample project using TypeScript as a bundling solution

lukeautry/tserial 3

Runtime validation for TypeScript type expressions


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