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Luis Felipe López G. luishendrix92 KozmicLuis Tijuana, México I'm 25 and currently studying to become a Computational Systems Engineer, I love cats, cinematography, TV, coding and design and much more!

luishendrix92/shortio 34

A simple url shortener for FreeCodeCamp's microservice challenges.

enriquecr01/blackbriar-frontend 2

Micro learning with elements of medieval RPG.

luishendrix92/utilboxjs 2

Yet another helper function library with a complete set of utilities and data structures.

luishendrix92/blackbriar 1

Gamified micro-learning platform with RPG elements.

luishendrix92/blockbustermitreITT 1

Proyecto Final del profesor Luis Mitre para el ITT Tomás Aquino

luishendrix92/blackbriar-frontend 0

Micro learning with elements of medieval RPG.

luishendrix92/blog-workshop 0

Multitaskr Blog Workshop

luishendrix92/estructuradedatosITT 0

Clase de Estructura de Datos, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana, Fernando Elizondo.

luishendrix92/exrez 0

Elixir package for the HiRez API which provides data about its games and lets you bypass all the session generation and url-building logic and gives you a coherent API for all its games' endpoints.

luishendrix92/hirez.js 0

Node.js API wrapper for Hi-Rez Studio's Games (Smite and Paladins)


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