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Ludovico Russo ludusrusso Independent Consultant Milan, Italy Freelance developer 🧑‍💻, trainer 👨‍🏫, Cloud Native enthusiast ☁. In ❤️ with Kubernetes, Typescript and GraphQL!

gyozatech/kannon 8

✉️ Cloud-Native massive mail sender for Kubernetes!

giuseppe-carboni/adaptive_hog_people_tracker 2

A ROS package for people tracking for autonomous robots.

hackafake/hackafake-dashboard 1

HACKAFAKE - Web Dashboard

ludusrusso/arduino-compiler-web 1

A webapp that helsp programming arduino using a web browser

ludusrusso/AstroBotProcessing 1

Bot Telegram che si sottoscrive a un server processing via Socket e invia i dati su telegram

ludusrusso/blink-example-attiny44 1

Example for FabAcademy2018

codemotiontraining/docker-node-server 0

Docker node server example


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