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Luke Stevenson lucanos Lucanos Solutions Sydney, Australia I break stuff. I make stuff. Hopefully I make more than I break.

lucanos/CommunityID 7

PHP OpenID Server

lucanos/bitbucket-deployment 4

Refinement of PHP Bitbucket Deployment Script from

lucanos/Compass-Datagrid 1

A jQuery plugin allowing for the creation, display and sorting of tabular data.

lucanos/2fa-notifier 0

2FA Notifier is a web extension that notifies users whether or not the sites they visit support two factor authentication (2FA).

lucanos/add-from-server-advanced 0

An extension and advancement on the Wordpress "Add from Server" Plugin

lucanos/agilecrm_twilio 0

Provides an Endpoint for Twilio POST requests to be sent to, and that data to be entered into AgileCRM via their API

lucanos/AnimGif 0

PHP class to create an animated GIF from multiple images

lucanos/app-UI 0

app-UI is a collection of user interface components that may be helpful to web and mobile developers for creating interactive applications using HTML and JavaScript, especially those targeting mobile devices. app-UI is a continual work in progress - it was born out of the necessity to have rich & native-feeling interfaces in HTML/JS experiences, and it works great with PhoneGap applications ( app-UI can easily be styled/customized using CSS.

lucanos/automatic-theme-plugin-update 0

Self hosted plugin and theme update scripts

lucanos/availability-poc 0

WIP proof of concept availability app


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