Hao-Wei Cheng lockys Taiwan I believe practice makes perfect.

lockys/AwesomeSearch 523

:mag: Search all awesome lists in one second.

John-Lin/wallofsheep 117

Wall of Sheep

lockys/Awesome.json 70

:eyeglasses: Awesome lists parsed in JSON.

lockys/Dcard.js 32

:couple: Unofficial Dcard API wrapper for Node.js developers.

John-Lin/awesomelists-index 14

Generate the awesome lists in JSON file.

lockys/3030.js 9

:bug: Experience the %%30%30 bug of chrome.

lockys/dcard-bar 5

[NOT WORK NOW] 一個小工具讓你快速看你今天 Dcard 抽到的是誰

lockys/dcard-card 3

Get your card of Dcard today in Node =>

lockys/dot-files 1

backup of dotfile.

baskets/ 0

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