lknop/avrSerial 0

UART Library for many Atmel AVR MCUs.

lknop/build-raspbian-image 0

Build (and cross-compile) your own image for Raspberry Pi

lknop/cctalk-net 0

Automatically exported from

lknop/ControllinoMqtt 0

Mqtt client for Controllino Mega.

lknop/cordova-plugin-inappbrowser 0

Apache Cordova Plugin inappbrowser

lknop/duinos 0

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lknop/faustus 0

Experimental unofficial Linux platform driver module for ASUS TUF Gaming series laptops

lknop/jira-client 0

A simple JIRA REST client for Java

lknop/mucommander 0

Fork of muCommander file manager

lknop/MyHome 0

Home Automation based on Controllino, Arduino and MQTT.

issue commentlknop/ControllinoMqtt

Covers position?

About the cover position, it can be made in Home Assistant, but it's better in controllino since controllino works without Home Assistant, even if you take a restart on HA and then close the roller shutter, when HA boots up it stays the last state remembered, if controllino gives that feedback it's more accurate. I guess the code for the position is like this:


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issue commentlknop/ControllinoMqtt

Covers position?

Cover position I mean a value between 0 and 100% where 0 is fully closed and 100 is fully opened, this can be calculated based on time, it's only necessary to put the time length between fully closed to fully opened, the software makes all the math Here is an example from esphome:

Will you integrate to Home Assistant via modbus? I thought you will use mqtt instead With mqtt there's a very great advantage, the discovery function


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Covers position?

Hey, I have a controllino mega and want to do something similar but to integrate with Home Assistant. I want to ask, covers return position value back to mqtt? Based on time.

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