ifmeorg/ifme 1062

Free, open source mental health communication web app to share experiences with loved ones

circle-of-code/first-contribution 1

A repository for practicing Open Source Software contribution workflows

lisavogtsf/backbeat_website 1

a website for backbeat networks in Angular.js

lisavogtsf/battleship_js 1

an implementation of battleship in HTML/CSS/JS

lisavogtsf/desktop 1

Simple collaboration from your desktop

lisavogtsf/ebook_dashboard 1

An ebook dashboard for comparing ebook metadata in a local database and on a remote system i.e. a 3rd party distributor (General Assembly Web Development Immersive student project)

lisavogtsf/fistOfFive 1

An app that allows a user to elicit and receive feedback by SMS and visualize the results (General Assembly Web Development Immersive student project)

lisavogtsf/about 0

Sourcegraph blog, feature announcements, and website (

lisavogtsf/aboutme 0

About me page for General Assembly Web Development Immersive bootcamp application