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line0/MkvTools 12

A small set of PowerShell modules that enable batch processing of Matroska files with mkvtoolnix.

line0/ExRelease 2

Helper script for screenshot comparisons of softsubbed fansub releases with AvsPmod

line0/Aegisub 1

Cross-platform advanced subtitle editor

line0/AvsPmod 1

An AviSynth script editor

line0/gulp-spawn-mocha-nyc 1

Runs Mocha as a child process in Gulp.

line0/Aegisub-Motion 0

Lua plugin for Aegisub auto4 that parses motion tracking data and applies it to selected subs.

line0/AI2ASS 0

A script to export ASS vector objects from Adobe Illustrator.

line0/artillery 0

Load testing for HTTP, and WebSockets. Make your systems indestructible! 👊🏼


issue openedhashicorp/packer-plugin-docker

Missing License

Overview of the Issue

This repository is missing any hints towards the applicable open source license. This makes it impossible to use packer-plugin-docker beyond viewing and forking the source code as guaranteed by the GitHub TOS.

From the looks of it, this problem may also affect Packer itself, because many versions also include source code from this repository.

If the code originates from packer, then it must also provided under the terms of the MPL 2.0 (or a compatible license), here. If the code originates from here, then packer as a whole may not be provided under the MPL 2.0, unless the copyright holders/contributors also chose to provided it under MPL 2.0 over at packer, but not here (which the outside world has now way of knowing).

Could you please shed some light on this?

Reproduction Steps

  1. Check for a LICENSE file in the expected places.
  2. Find none.

Plugin and Packer version

Affects all versions/revisions of packer-plugin-docker.

Copies of packer-plugin-docker source code included in packer versions up to v1.7.2 (removed in

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create barnchline0/node-common-errors

branch : non-v8-capture-stack-trace

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fork line0/node-common-errors

Common error classes and utility functions

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