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Liam White liamawhite @tetrateio Seattle, WA USA Software Engineer @tetrateio. @istio Maintainer.

liamawhite/istio-dev-framework 2

Live debug Istio code in a Kubernetes cluster.

liamawhite/amalgam8 0

Content and Version-based Routing Fabric for Polyglot Microservices

liamawhite/api 0

API, config and standard vocabulary definitions for the Istio project

liamawhite/cgm-remote-monitor 0

nightscout web monitor

liamawhite/chartmuseum 0

Helm Chart Repository with support for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage

liamawhite/community 0

Istio governance material.

liamawhite/ 0

Source repo for Docker's Documentation

push eventtetratelabs/istio-cloud-map

Adrian Cole

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PR opened tetratelabs/istio-cloud-map

Updates to Go 1.16 and latest dependencies

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Generalize the Operator and Support Consul

I got the admin, and I cut the tag 0.2.0 from which does not includ Consul support.

As for the renaming this repo, I have two candidates:

  • istio-service-sync-operator
  • istio-service-synchronizer

Any ideas @ZackButcher? (cc @deva26)


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created tagtetratelabs/istio-cloud-map


An operator for syncing Cloud Map data into Istio

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release tetratelabs/istio-cloud-map


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issue commenttetratelabs/istio-cloud-map

Generalize the Operator and Support Consul

@ZackButcher @lizan could you give the admin permission of this repo? I would like to push the change officially and push the container to the "renamed" docker repository. This is something to do with getistio (cc @deva26).


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