Lyle Hanson lhanson Madison, WI Most of my own development work has moved to

lhanson/cognition-caps 3

Web app which formerly powered the Cognition Caps website (now defunct)

lhanson/checkstyle 2

A fork of the Checkstyle project to track my patches.

lhanson/dotfiles 2

My common configuration settings.

lhanson/appengine-clj 1

Clojure library for Google App Engine

lhanson/compass 1

A fork of the Compass search framework for Java.

lhanson/ahubu 0

AHUBU Helps Users Be Utilitarian

lhanson/Amazon-Fresh-Whole-Foods-delivery-slot-finder 0

A Mac tool that finds available delivery slots for Amazon's Whole Foods delivery and Amazon Fresh services

lhanson/angular.js 0

HTML enhanced for web apps

lhanson/arch-dev 0

Docker image for building software in a CI/CD environment.

lhanson/arduino-cli 0

Arduino command line interface

issue commentswaywm/sway

Can't move Unity Editor's windows

I can also confirm that I see the same behavior on Sway 1.5 and Unity 2019.4.8f1.


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PR opened niklasberglund/transmission-rpc-bash

Fix parsing of Transmission JSON

This allows the '-l' output to succeed against Transmission 3.0.

Fixes #2

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push eventlhanson/transmission-rpc-bash

Lyle Hanson

commit sha aee1211404f6607ab98d7b63dc7f8504349c41a6

Fix parsing of Transmission JSON

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issue commentniklasberglund/transmission-rpc-bash

syntax error on centos7

@deanso If you've got those changes handy I'd love to use them myself.


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fork lhanson/transmission-rpc-bash

Bash script for adding torrents for download to Transmission through Transmission's RPC protocol

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issue commentarduino/Arduino

Please follow the freedesktop base dir specs

@per1234 says in #10486:

If anyone has unique and productive information to add, they should do so in that issue and the developers can make the decision as to whether it is worth reopening. Fragmenting the discussion across multiple duplicate issue reports is unproductive.

I would argue that the discussion here already contains a fairly complete case for fixing this. There's really nothing more to add other than watching more and more people clicking :+1: on the issue because they're frustrated and clicking :-1: on the flippant comment which justified its initial closure in the first place.

There really isn't any argument against fixing this, so at this point I'd say many of us feel that the onus is now on the maintainers to explain why this doesn't even merit reopening.


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