Leonardo Bellettini leobel96 Italy EE student @ Politecnico di Torino

leobel96/ESP8266-Sony-Remote 2

An How-To guide to create your own sony camera remote with an ESP8266

leobel96/LambdaBooth 1

📷 A simple guide to make a photobooth running on Python 3 and a Raspberry Pi

leobel96/Polito-ESD-NeuralNetwork 1

Teamwork project made during the course "Elettronica dei Sistemi Digital" (Electronics of Integrated Systems) @ Politecnico di Torino

leobel96/Polito-SDI-reflexesAnalyzer 1

Teamwork project of a reflexes analyzer made during the course "Sistemi Digitali Integrati" (Integrated Digital Systems) @ Politecnico di Torino

leobel96/SEPA-python3 1

Client-side libraries for the SEPA platform (Python3)

leobel96/CryptOmatic 0

A simple command line file encrypter/decrypter

leobel96/Duckduino-microSD 0

Interpreter that runs on an arduino, decodes and executes ducky script on a microSD card.

leobel96/fenix 0

Firefox Preview

leobel96/Home-Assistant_SEPA 0

SEPA library and example platforms for Home Assistant

leobel96/IFTTT_ESP8266 0

A simple server-client project to easily control your ESP8266 projects from anywhere


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issue openedChaosinaCan/vscode-remote-x11

Add support to password authentication

Please add support to password authentication. The ssh server I am working uses that authentication instead of the public key/private key one.

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