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Arduino-and-RaspberryPi/ESPWebUpdateHttpServer 4

OTA (Over the Air) update of ESP8266 firmware using its (AP)access-point over the HTTP.

last-stand/java-algorithms-usage 3

Use of different encryption, hashing and compression algorithm in Java.

last-stand/invoice-generator-react 1

Consumes and generates invoice.

Arduino-and-RaspberryPi/RaspberryPowerControlServer 0

RaspberryPowerControlServer in python to control relay.

Dollyg/TicTacToe 0

Multi-Player Cmd-Line Game Tic-Tac-Toe implemented in Java.

Future-Focus-Tech/FaceRecognitionClient 0

FaceRecognition client using tracking.js

last-stand/Air-Hunter 0

Air Hunter is a simple JavaScript based game.

last-stand/AngularJS 0

Angular JS Examples by Last-Stand