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Dave Lasley lasley Seattle, WA - USA My opinions are my own.

kxepal/viivakoodi 35

Barcode generator for Python. Fork of pyBarcode project.

lasley/node-makemkv 11

Web UI for MakeMKV

lasley/docker-makemkvcon 2

Provides MakeMKV CLI In Docker

lasley/docker-node-makemkv 2

Dockerized Node-MakeMKV

lasley/encode-cluster 2

Python script to manage machines for a transcoding cluster using ffmpeg, mkvtoolnix, and mediainfo. Requires

LasLabs/odoo-connector-carepoint 1

Framework to provide synchronization with CarePoint in Odoo

lasley/alpine-traefik 0

This image is the traefik base. It comes from rawmind/alpine-monit.

lasley/batch-transcode 0

Traverse a directory, demux, transcode, then remux to a different directory.

lasley/bp_contact_snippet 0

Provides a small contact form for embedding in Odoo v.8.0 landing pages

lasley/connector 0

Odoo generic connector framework (jobs queue, asynchronous tasks, channels)


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