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larspontoppidan/clipboard-files 8

Cut, copy and paste files from the clipboard in a Linux terminal

larspontoppidan/midimixfix 4

MidiMixFix - a device for mixing and modifying MIDI data - now open source and open hardware

larspontoppidan/notesntodos 3

Notes'n'Todos web app

larspontoppidan/just-search-portal 1

Just Search Portal

larspontoppidan/awesome-selfhosted 0

A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers

larspontoppidan/hashstress 0

A stress-test of I/O, cache and processing correctness by repeated hash calculations

larspontoppidan/hugo-strata-landing-theme 0

Port of HTML5UP's Strata theme to Hugo

larspontoppidan/micetune 0

Script for setting individual pointer speeds in Linux

larspontoppidan/vcode-light-eclipse 0

Visual Studio Code color theme extension

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