Larissa Gabilan laris151 @zayininnovation Spain Specialist at Media Marketing (B.I) and Professional Self Coaching

laris151/emoji-in-adwords 1

We'll see emojis in Google Shopping.

laris151/google-analytics 1

5 basic reports you need to know about

laris151/imc-calculator 1

BMI Calculator

laris151/simple-calculator 1

My first simple calculator

laris151/Dynamic-Email 0

How to create a dynamic simple email

laris151/google-interview-university 0

A complete daily plan for studying to become a Google software engineer.

laris151/html5-css3-newbie 0

My first website using HTML5 and CSS3 (newbie)

laris151/obs-websocket 0

Remote control of OBS Studio made easy.