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Package and repository sources for ZFS on Arch Linux

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The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

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Object schema validation

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Configurable, input and output validated routing for koa

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🌲Basic prettifier for Pino log lines

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ZoneMinder is a free, open source Closed-circuit television software application developed for Linux which supports IP, USB and Analog cameras.

pull request commentpinojs/pino

Better describe base options in docs

I think this might have been a mistake of misinterpreting the documentation.

The original documentation:

#### `base` (Object)
Default: `{pid:, hostname: os.hostname}`

Key-value object added as child logger to each log line.

Set to `null` to avoid adding `pid`, `hostname` and `name` properties to each log.

If you misread this and set base to equal {pid: null, hostname: null}, then you will get the result @tomasstrejcek was reporting.

However, if you read this and set base to equal null, then everything functions correctly: pid, hostname, and name properties are omitted from each log line.

There still exists the logic to handle null and to omit the name property when base === null.

@mcollina Thoughs?


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issue openeddense-analysis/ale

ALERename wipes undolist


VIM version

NVIM v0.4.4 Build type: Release

Operating System Arch Linux, kernel 5.12.8-arch1-1

What went wrong

When using :ALERename, neovim does not save the undo list. This only occurs when renaming is the last edit made before saving. If another edit is made after the rename, everything behaves as expected.

Reproducing the bug

  1. Open Typescript file.
  2. Optional: make edits.
  3. Rename a variable using :ALERename.
  4. Save and close file (:x) without making any other edits.
  5. Observe that neovim did not write the undo file to disk.
  6. Reopen file and view the undo list (:undolist) which reports "Nothing to undo".

ALE project commit: 1b087912

.vimrc (subset):

set undofile

let g:ale_linters_explicit = 1  " Only run linters named in ale_linters settings.
let g:ale_linters = {
\   'javascript': ['eslint'],
\   'typescript': ['eslint', 'tsserver'],
\   'json': ['jq'],
let g:ale_fixers = {
\   'javascript': ['eslint'],
\   'typescript': ['eslint'],
let g:ale_lint_on_text_changed = 'never'
let g:ale_lint_on_insert_leave = 0


const var1 = 42;

const var2 = var1 + 1;


Current Filetype: typescript Available Linters: ['deno', 'eslint', 'standard', 'tslint', 'tsserver', 'typecheck', 'xo'] Enabled Linters: ['eslint', 'tsserver'] Ignored Linters: [] Suggested Fixers: 'deno' - Fix TypeScript using deno fmt. 'eslint' - Apply eslint --fix to a file. 'prettier' - Apply prettier to a file. 'remove_trailing_lines' - Remove all blank lines at the end of a file. 'trim_whitespace' - Remove all trailing whitespace characters at the end of every line. 'tslint' - Fix typescript files with tslint --fix. 'xo' - Fix JavaScript/TypeScript files using xo --fix. Linter Variables:

let g:ale_typescript_tsserver_config_path = '' let g:ale_typescript_tsserver_executable = 'tsserver' let g:ale_typescript_tsserver_use_global = 0 Global Variables:

let g:ale_cache_executable_check_failures = v:null let g:ale_change_sign_column_color = v:null let g:ale_command_wrapper = '' let g:ale_completion_delay = v:null let g:ale_completion_enabled = 0 let g:ale_completion_max_suggestions = v:null let g:ale_disable_lsp = 0 let g:ale_echo_cursor = 1 let g:ale_echo_msg_error_str = 'Error' let g:ale_echo_msg_format = '%code: %%s' let g:ale_echo_msg_info_str = 'Info' let g:ale_echo_msg_warning_str = 'Warning' let g:ale_enabled = 1 let g:ale_fix_on_save = 0 let g:ale_fixers = {'typescript': ['eslint'], 'javascript': ['eslint']} let g:ale_history_enabled = 1 let g:ale_history_log_output = 1 let g:ale_keep_list_window_open = v:null let g:ale_lint_delay = 200 let g:ale_lint_on_enter = 1 let g:ale_lint_on_filetype_changed = 1 let g:ale_lint_on_insert_leave = 0 let g:ale_lint_on_save = 1 let g:ale_lint_on_text_changed = 'never' let g:ale_linter_aliases = {} let g:ale_linters = {'typescript': ['eslint', 'tsserver'], 'json': ['jq'], 'javascript': ['eslint']} let g:ale_linters_explicit = 1 let g:ale_linters_ignore = {} let g:ale_list_vertical = v:null let g:ale_list_window_size = v:null let g:ale_loclist_msg_format = v:null let g:ale_max_buffer_history_size = 20 let g:ale_max_signs = v:null let g:ale_maximum_file_size = v:null let g:ale_open_list = v:null let g:ale_pattern_options = v:null let g:ale_pattern_options_enabled = v:null let g:ale_root = {} let g:ale_set_balloons = 0 let g:ale_set_highlights = 1 let g:ale_set_loclist = 1 let g:ale_set_quickfix = 0 let g:ale_set_signs = 1 let g:ale_sign_column_always = v:null let g:ale_sign_error = '●' let g:ale_sign_info = v:null let g:ale_sign_offset = v:null let g:ale_sign_style_error = v:null let g:ale_sign_style_warning = v:null let g:ale_sign_warning = '.' let g:ale_sign_highlight_linenrs = v:null let g:ale_statusline_format = v:null let g:ale_type_map = {} let g:ale_use_global_executables = v:null let g:ale_virtualtext_cursor = 0 let g:ale_warn_about_trailing_blank_lines = 1 let g:ale_warn_about_trailing_whitespace = 1 Command History:

(executable check - failure) eslint (executable check - success) /tmp/bug_test/node_modules/.bin/tsserver (started) ['/usr/bin/zsh', '-c', '''/tmp/bug_test/node_modules/.bin/tsserver''']

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pull request commentDefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped

[koa-joi-router] Update to version 8.0.0

Ready to merge


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