Toma Zelić kronicker @ExtensionEngine Croatia

davidbanham/express-async-errors 609

async/await support for ExpressJS

miguelmota/Navigator.sendBeacon 156

Polyfill for Navigator.sendBeacon()

vladimyr/duckiesay 5

Speaking duckie inside your terminal

kronicker/vue-preflight 4

Vue.js plugin for route preflight actions

kronicker/vue-roast 3

Vuejs plugin for toast messages

DorianSyruss/easy-movie-search 2

Easy Movie Search is a help tool for finding popular and trending movies

kronicker/pbz2ynab 2

CLI tool to parse PBZ bank export .xls to YNAB compatible .csv

kronicker/sendbeacon-polyfill 2

Polyfill for Navigator.sendBeacon()

kronicker/apparatus 1

Small app for managing company devices

kronicker/kronicker 1

Cli my info :bowtie: :computer: