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kostmo/footpedal 10

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kostmo/chartdroid 7

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kostmo/circleci-failure-tracker 5

A log analyzer for CircleCI. Note that this project is now hosted at pytorch/dr-ci

kostmo/Google-Chrome-Keyboard-Site-Navigation 5

Extension for the Chrome web browser that enables keyboard shortcuts for web pages that define "next" or "previous" relations.

kostmo/android-spiral-wallpaper 3

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kostmo/gadgit 1

Maintains a clone of a git repository that can be queried for ancestry relationships

kostmo/Gnome-Graphics-Tablet-Apps 1

Widget and configuration panel for Wacom graphics tablets

bjacklyn/git-plugin 0

Git plugin for Jenkins

kostmo/aeson-pretty 0

JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool.

kostmo/androbuntu 0

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