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CopterExpress/clover 214

ROS-based framework and RPi image to control PX4-powered drones 🍀

CopterExpress/robocross2019 3

Copter Express on Robocross-2019

CopterExpress/pelican-docs 2

Documentation for Pelican drones

korigod/arucogen 0

Online ArUco markers generator

korigod/catalyst 0

An Algorithmic Trading Library for Crypto-Assets in Python

korigod/Ceedling 0

Ruby/Rake-based build and test system for C projects

korigod/clever 0

Конструктор программируемого квадрокоптера «Клевер»

korigod/cpython 0

The Python programming language

korigod/dimmer 0

💡 GNU/Linux screen backlight control tool

korigod/docker-blender-render-cluster 0

A docker based multi machine render setup


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started time in 2 months