knifhen/javarebel-stripes-plugin 3

Plugin to hotswap Stripes ActionBeans

knifhen/bliss-bulletin 2


knifhen/mpu-with-spring 2

Testing multiple persistence units with spring

knifhen/buttercup-swedish 1

Fork of with the intention to create a version localized for Sweden.

knifhen/copy-paste-form 1

Firefox plugin to save the content of a web form

knifhen/jquery-grewform 1

This little plugin helps to declare complex form logic, like 'show this <input> when user select this option'. Yes! In declarative style.

knifhen/jQuery-UI-Date-Range-Picker 1

A range picker built on top of jQuery UI's Datepicker Control

knifhen/MyAntsAi 1

Code for entry with 2011