klutzy/nadeko 93

[INACTIVE] const-time Rust experiment

klutzy/android-design-ko 30

[비활성 상태입니다] 안드로이드 디자인 문서를 한국어로 번역합니다.

klutzy/aheui-llvm 21

[INACTIVE] WIP Aheui frontend for llvm, implemented in Rust

klutzy/mine.js 8

javascript minesweeper for

barosl/flickr-music-player 5

A music player with Flickr backend.

klutzy/garbage 4

hey this is not a proper repo do not star this

klutzy/git-ls 4

print like ls

klutzy/rust-backtrace 2

yet another yak shaving :) see tmp branch for now

klutzy/nappl 1

applocale-like utility to run 洞窟物語 on win7 / see wiki for supported programs