Graisorn Soisakhoo kiroskirin @shiftright @labs62 Khonkaen,Thailand Hi, I'm LAA a software developer from Thailand. Nice to meet you. Contact me via email or twitter @kiroskirin

kiroskirin/nextjs-blueprint 2

NextJS for Web Application using Bulma grid system and BlueprintJS UI Components

kiroskirin/ATGMediaBrowser 0

Image slide-show viewer with multiple predefined transition styles, with ability to create new transitions with ease.

kiroskirin/bracelet 0

Bracelet Based Access Control System

kiroskirin/card-demo 0

Bootstrap card demo

kiroskirin/Charts 0

Beautiful charts for iOS/tvOS/OSX! The Apple side of the crossplatform MPAndroidChart.

kiroskirin/codechallenges 0

Algorithm challenges that I take to try to improve my skill

kiroskirin/comborails 0

Combo Rails

kiroskirin/CountryLibAutomator 0

Swift script to generate Country enumerator with emoji and local language country name

kiroskirin/Demo01 0

Rails whatever

kiroskirin/firefox-ios 0

Firefox for iOS


started time in 2 months