kiranmathewkoshy/kiwix_scripts 1

scripts to manage a kiwix library

kiranmathewkoshy/openzim 1

Github mirror of openzim - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing)

kiranmathewkoshy/zimcheck 1

A tool to check the quality of a ZIM file.

Jeevantk/Jarvis 0

Computer Vision Application for enchancing customer experience in a bank

Jeevantk/omr 0

An implementation of Optical Music Recognition

kiranmathewkoshy/AES--Python 0

A modification of the AES module in pycrypto. Allows arbitrary- sized keys and plaintext, compared to the low level Crypto which allows only a fixed size.

kiranmathewkoshy/arduino-serial-communication-module 0

For arduino microcontrollers, this program will serve as a communication system between the arduino and the system. A GUI is included , and the Arduino can be programmed to respond to the signals, thereby allowing a simple control system for non-tech users.

kiranmathewkoshy/kiwix_mirror 0

Mirror of Kiwix's sourceforge repository

kiranmathewkoshy/Open-Source-FPGA-Bitcoin-Miner 0

A completely open source implementation of a Bitcoin Miner for Altera and Xilinx FPGAs. This project hopes to promote the free and open development of FPGA based mining solutions and secure the future of the Bitcoin project as a whole. A binary release is currently available for the Terasic DE2-115 Development Board, and there are compile-able projects for numerous boards.