Kevin Cantú killerswan Oakland, California For work, lately, I'm @kevincantu at @emeraldsci. Here, however, you can see my contributions to @rust-lang, @ponylang, and various experiments!

killerswan/dragons 8

dragon curve in JavaScript

killerswan/murmur 7

Rust implementation of the Murmur hash algorithm

killerswan/boyer-moore-search 5

Boyer-Moore string search in Rust

killerswan/Haskell-BLAKE 5

BLAKE SHA-3 candidate hashes in Haskell (deprecated)

killerswan/askitter 4

Haskell API for Twitter using OAuth (deprecated)

killerswan/k-nucleotide 3

Rust implementation of the Alioth k-nucleotide benchmark (re #2105)

killerswan/configs 2

kevin's config files: zsh, Atom, some cloud tools

killerswan/ninlil 2

Using social APIs to cull old posts (in deference to their context)

killerswan/pony-currycomb.vim 2

Vim Syntastic support for the Pony language (compatible with other pony plugins!)

killerswan/chameneos-redux 1

Rust implementation of the Alioth chameneos-redux benchmark