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kellenschmidt/Flight-Planner 3

Text file based program written in C++ to determine and organize all possible flight plans for a person wishing to travel between two different cities.

kellenschmidt/P2P-File-Transfer-Web-App 1

Web app for transferring files over P2P

AJD-/GeoDeals 0

Share great deals you find with people in your area and share your opinion on deals others have posted in your area. Implemented with PHP, mySQL, and Angular 4.

austinchenCS/ICA1 0

Mobile Sensing ICA1

kellenschmidt/analytics-for-links-and-sites 0

[In Progress] Vue.js web application to analyze click traffic on shortened links and visitor traffic on

kellenschmidt/apartment-pricing-ui 0

Sample project built with Suspense to demonstrate render-as-you-fetch