caosuomo/rads 3

Rigorous Analysis of Dynamical Systems

kazagistar/advent2017 1

Advent Of Code 2017

kazagistar/eos 1

Kazagistar's Computercraft Libraries

kazagistar/kazturtles 1

Kazagistar's Computercraft Turtles

kazagistar/OCL 1

Operating System Compatibility Layer for ComputerCraft

kazagistar/okasakish 1

Purely Functional Rust Data Structures

kazagistar/regexgen 1

Automatically generate strings given a regular expression with guarentees of covarage for automated testing

McKizzle/rust-genetic-algorithm 1

Quick and simple knapsack problem written in rust.

skylarjhdownes/oculus7dayroguelike 1

Oculus Roguelike built in Unity

kazagistar/fungitrack 0

Databases assignment to create a database application