karina-y/YASSS-KERNEL 1

just for funsies [assembly]

karina-y/adventure 0

a python text based game [python]

karina-y/angular-sample-app 0

flexing my angular muscles

karina-y/backslash 0

a virtual closet web app - my first personal project [html / js / jquery / c# / sql]

karina-y/backslash-android 0

replicating my web app into an android app

karina-y/backslash-meteor 0

rewriting my .net app in meteor and react while utilizing my .net web apis for the back end [react / meteorjs / .net]

karina-y/berns-test 0

code test for a job interview [react]

karina-y/chat-app 0

chat app for a code test

karina-y/component-directory 0

a directory of components that i reuse across my personal projects [react]

karina-y/data-structures-algorithms 0

exercises from a class i take in my free time to improve my development skills