kapilPython Darmstadt Masters Student at Hochschule Darmstadt International Masters in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Automation and Robotics)

kapilPython/awesome-vacuum 0

A curated list of free and open source software and hardware to build and control a robot vacuum.

kapilPython/aws-robomaker-small-house-world 0

A house world with multiple rooms and furniture for AWS RoboMaker and Gazebo simulations.

kapilPython/aws-robomaker-small-warehouse-world 0

This Gazebo world is well suited for organizations who are building and testing robot applications for warehouse and logistics use cases.

kapilPython/Cloud-Functions 0

This repository contains different sort of cloud functions provided by firebase database

kapilPython/FlashLightApp 0

Basic Android App with all the functionalities of android Framework like Async task broadcaster etc. Apart from these basic XML and basic GUI elements are also covered.

kapilPython/gazebo_on_kubernetes 0

Running Gazebo on kubernetes cluster

kapilPython/gzweb_docker 0

Dockerfile for using gzweb

kapilPython/Java-Navigation-System 0

The following code contains basic concepts of oops like:- Encapsulation,Inheritance,polymorphism,overloading and overriding and abstraction using a simple navigation system. Implemented through Java.

kapilPython/mqtt_bridge 0

mqtt_bridge provides a functionality to bridge between ROS and MQTT in bidirectional