Kamil Koczurek kamirr Poland His data races so often that it could compete in F1.

kamirr/QSFML 13

SFML 2.x.x / Qt 5.x.x integration

kamirr/sf-svg 11

SVG renderer for SFML

kamirr/d.ino 3

That dino game from chrome, but worse

kamirr/learner 2

Simple program to learn definitions / foreign vocabulary.

kamirr/sfgf 2

Simple and Fast Game Framework. Based on… yes, SFML!

kamirr/blogrs_backend 1 backend

kamirr/SFML-Callbacks 1

Provides interface for callback–based logic.

kamirr/aserial 0

Monodirectional 'serial' over audio in Rust

kamirr/beepblop 0

Game of the year. *beep* *blop*

kamirr/benchmarks 0

Some benchmarks of different languages