image-rs/jpeg-decoder 69

JPEG decoder written in Rust

kaksmet/gaol 0

Cross-platform application sandboxing for Rust

kaksmet/gpeg 0

JPEG implementation using GPU

kaksmet/image 0

Encoding and decoding images in Rust

kaksmet/jpeg-benchmark 0

Benchmark of different JPEG decoders

kaksmet/milewski-ctfp-pdf 0

Bartosz Milewski's 'Category Theory for Programmers' unofficial PDF and LaTeX source

kaksmet/rollup 0

Next-generation ES module bundler

kaksmet/rollup-plugin-node-resolve 0

Use the Node.js resolution algorithm with Rollup (formerly rollup-plugin-npm)

kaksmet/servo 0

The Servo Browser Engine

pull request commentkaksmet/jpeg-benchmark

update lib version and make it run on arm

Thanks for helping!

Do the timings for libjpeg-turbo change if the sse2 flag is set or not?


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