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kaedys/microcancel 1

Tiny WoW addon that restores the /cancelaura functionality via the /cancel slash command

kaedys/dynaphore 0

Dynamically-sized semaphore

kaedys/go-slackbot 0

Go module for building slackbot

kaedys/gomega 0

Ginkgo's Preferred Matcher Library

kaedys/iniflags 0

Hybrid configuration library

kaedys/slack-night-mode 0

A Stylus style for easy Slack theming

kaedys/spark 0

Golang client for Cisco Spark API

issue commentconcourse/concourse

Ability to detect user who initiated build

I'd rather it not depend on the CLI tool to access that information. User information should be available natively to the build itself, so that the build process can capture that data. It's absolute lunacy that Concourse effectively mandates that all builds are functionally anonymous.


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issue openedfunkydude/BugSack

Option to disable swapping to new errors

Bugsack automatically swaps to the error page for any new errors that come in. Especially during prepatch, when I'm trying to debug and find fixes for a bunch of my addons while waiting for the authors to get everything up to date, it can be incredibly annoying to constantly have the window swapping back to one of the errors if it is firing regularly, when I'm trying to debug a completely different error/addon. It'd be nice if there was an option to disable this behavior.

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issue commentjliddev/WowUp

'Re-Scan Folders' sometimes does not pick up all addons in folder

Same issue, every time I run re-scan, the total number of addons it found changes, and the number it found with updates needed changes wildly as well, usually including ones it literally just updated minutes ago (without any updates being pushed at source).


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issue openedpeterhaneve/ONIMods

Hitch when clicking "sweep"

Expected Behavior

Love the new scrolling behavior in today's update, but I'm now getting a pretty noticeable hitch or pause both when I click to select and click to unselect the sweep tool. It's approximately a half second in length, and occurs every time I click the button. It does not occur on any other tools.

The expected behavior is, of course, no unexpected hitching.

Current Behavior


Mod Versions

Steam subscription, updated via Mod Manager this morning to today's release (12 September)

Steps to Reproduce

I'm not sure if there's another mod interaction going on here, because I have quite a few installed an enabled. For me, however, it's as simple as having the mod active and clicking the sweep button. It happens on every click, both to activate and deactivate the tool.

Output Log

Output log attached, but nothing is showing up in it that seems relevant. I also have the debug window mod running, but nothing is showing up in it during this hitch.


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issue openedTruinto/ONI-Modloader-SimpleMods

Wrangle/sweep priority setting

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. So, one thing that has somewhat annoyed me is that the sweep and wrangle jobs are always assigned at priority 5. In order for the sweeps, and especially the wrangles, to actually happen, I either have to manually adjust the priority or wait for my ranchers to finish their higher priority jobs. If wrangling in a location is particularly important (ie. needs to be the highest priority for ranchers), this really only leaves me able to assign priorities 1-4 for other ranching stuff (and requires ranching to be at least one arrow up from any other task type for my ranchers).

Describe the solution you'd like The easiest solution I've come up with is being able to set a priority on the building itself, once built, and then that priority is used for all sweep and wrangle commands that building issues.

Describe alternatives you've considered I could also see a secondary UI tab off the building window where you can set it, but I feel like that might be reinventing the wheel, unless querying for a building's priority is difficult or a building can't "have" a priority unless it also has something dupes can do with it.

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issue commentO-n-y/oxy.mods

Request: Reformat date to YYYY.MM.DD

Swapping it to MM.DD.YYYY would be just as confusing to everyone else. this is not true actually, Europe and other parts of the world use DD.MM.YYY notation, which you can check at Wikipedia:

That was my point, though. If you swapped the date format to month-first, those from Europe et al would likely find it as confusing to read as a US person finds day-first to read. That's why I suggested a format that, while it may not quite be as convenient to read, it at least unambiguous.

However, a date format config option would also work!


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issue openedO-n-y/oxy.mods

Request: Reformat date to YYYY.MM.DD

The current date format is DD.MM.YYYY, which is confusing to anyone used to a month-day-year ordering (ie. US, probably others). Swapping it to MM.DD.YYYY would be just as confusing to everyone else.

YYYY.MM.DD, on the other hand, in unambiguous. In addition to being easily sortable (probably not super relevant here), is also completely unambiguous, since YYYY.DD.MM is not a format that's ever really been used. Most major timestamp formatting standards (ISO 8601, RFC3339, etc) use this ordered due both to its general lack of ambiguity and its easy sortability.

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issue openedpeterhaneve/ONIMods

[Enhancement] AI Improvements: Sweeping

Not sure if this falls within scope of the AI Improvements mod, but I feel like it's the closest mod out there for this.

I've noticed that dupe AI is particularly bad when it comes to sweep tasks, especially when Proximity is enabled. They select a sweep task properly based on priority (usually), by they completely ignore the priority on storage bins and instead will deliver the item to the closest storage bin that accepts that item relative to the position they were at when they acquired the sweep task.

If your dupe is in the middle of your base, and picks up a high-priority sweep out in the boonies, he/she will go and collect the item way out there, then walk all the way back to your base to deliver it, even if there's an equal or higher priority storage bin literally right next to the item being swept.

I'm not familiar with ONI's API capabilities, but if that's a piece of the AI that can be touched, it'd be nice if the AI for sweep commands could be adjusted so that the storage bin was selected by proximity to the swept item, rather than proximity to the dupe when they pick up the task.

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issue commentHexicube/ONI-DenseLogic

NOT filter on Inline Logic Gate

Actually, while we're at it, could we add the memory toggle (ie. SR-Latch) and data latch as options for the Inline Logic Gate as well? Seems the existing interface would work fine for it, would just have to relabel Input 1 and Input 2 for those operations to Set/Reset or Data/Set. Trying to make complex logic compact can be rather...frustrating in this game. >.>


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issue openedMrMinemeet/ONI-Mods

[Suggestions] Tiny Smart Battery

Can we get a tiny version of the Smart Battery added to the Tiny Battery mod? Would be amazing for controlling generators if we could just place the control battery inline, rather than needing a 2x2 space.

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issue openedHexicube/ONI-DenseLogic

NOT filter on Inline Logic Gate

Any chance the Inline Logic Gate could have NOT added as one of the functions? Just take a single input, invert it, and output it to the selected line. Would be really helpful for making compact logic circuits.

It would also be amazing if buffer and filter functions could be added as well, though not as sure that's (easily) doable.

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