John M. Wargo jwargo Charlotte, NC This is my work account; you can find my personal Github account at @johnwargo.

johnwargo/pi-remind 15

Raspberry Pi Google Calendar Reminder

johnwargo/learning-pwa-code 10

Companion Source Code for Learning Progressive Web Apps

jwargo/ReactiveConf-2017 4

Source code for my ReactiveConf 2017 presentation

johnwargo/pi-remind-hd-notify 3

Pi Remind HD project enhanced to work with the Remote Notify project

johnwargo/ignorevscode 0

Node module that updates a folder's .gitignore file to ignore Visual Studio Code files.

johnwargo/NCDevCon-2017 0

Source code for the sample applications demonstrated during my NCDevCon 2017 session

johnwargo/phonegapday-2017 0

Source code for my PhoneGap Day 2017 presentation

johnwargo/react-samples-t3 0

React examples for the We Connect The Dots year 3 class

jwargo/AcmeApp 0

App Center Sample illustrating how to do React Native A/B testing using Visual Studio App Center

jwargo/anh-cordova-push-sample 0

A sample Apache Cordova app for Azure Notification Hubs

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