James Turner jturner Michigan Father, software engineer and OpenBSD developer.

jturner/astro 3

A small, simple web framework for Lua

jturner/luahelloworld 2

Lua hello world C module

jturner/luasoldout 1

Lua binding to libsoldout

jturner/atreus-firmware 0

Firmware for the Atreus keyboard

jturner/bitcoinrpc.lua 0

Easily work with bitcoin api from Lua

jturner/duo_unix 0

Duo two-factor authentication for Unix systems

jturner/kcaldav 0

a simple, safe, and minimal CalDAV server

jturner/luasqlite3 0

Lua binding to SQLite3

jturner/mc 0

Myrddin Compiler

jturner/menelaus 0

Keyboard firmware in Microscheme

pull request commentFillZpp/sys-info-rs

add OpenBSD support

Any movement on this? Would love to see OpenBSD support added.


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push eventjturner/oak

Kitson Kelly

commit sha eca47926692a9f3d53c02fe24a213dd57c008328

Update to Deno 1.2.1, std 0.62.0, media_types 2.4.3

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Kitson Kelly

commit sha 59782a5917c58187b27c490d0a3cb69b1a3aa7ac

Lint code and add deno lint to pipeline

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Kitson Kelly

commit sha 0bcffbb05e772ae2e7a598dfac83de1efece79b8

Fix CI configuration

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Kitson Kelly

commit sha d1e1e69bb0298849b467a0347acf02ad65897de3

Repoint docs at

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Kitson Kelly

commit sha 877785fa1f1cd4ad20d90baac2aa91a28860e467

Update links in docs

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Kitson Kelly

commit sha c368d30885a1c799fc21676940f899170e5963ab

Test for body parsing invalid content

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Kitson Kelly

commit sha 7d238b4f2324f45083c4c257b197528bd0cfec1c

Add FAQ regarding state

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commit sha 241339e7700dc8f3eb64d4dfda8063cb7026ca4d

Update CI version to Deno v1.3.0 (#228) Co-authored-by: Nick <>

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push eventjturner/oak

Kitson Kelly

commit sha bd03d60b8d7c32bbe1f433afbaccd475000beea9

breaking: refactor ctx.request.body() (#201) Fixes #191

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commit sha af86adaeb211fe937f99a7e1f5cf854d8cd2cb22

ci: upgrade deno action to v2 (#204)

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Chukwudi M. Ngwobia

commit sha b6cdccbd635dcd33017241dad8950d620dc2e9f2

fix small typo (#205)

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Craig Morten

commit sha 2f7643a04460ce1b407066d04554ab787e967050

fix: ensure server closed on abort when no requests in flight (#207) Fixes #206

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Kitson Kelly

commit sha fffa1651d37a3d02a3032f166bd3b013b6a63d71

Handle UTF-8 Content-Disposition headers properly. Fixes #211 Headers aren't supposed to be encoded as UTF-8, but it appears it is common practice to do so when setting the filename in the Content-Disposition header in a multipart form. Therefore instead of using the DOM Header we have to use an object record.

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commit sha f6255d9291000b3007869e7f787f697a9cf37f9d

fix: do not require CWD permissions to serve static files; additional tests (#216) * Make resolvePath return relative paths * Add tests for sending hidden files * Make send check only the input path for hidden files * Remove unused dependency Co-authored-by: Emma <> Co-authored-by: Kitson Kelly <>

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Jonas Schumacher

commit sha 6ff701a66ea43a4bde0af3335623369b0aea94cb

docs: links to other oakserver github projects (#215) Ref #172

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