Justin Huang jstnhuang University of Washington Seattle, WA Ph.D. in robotics from University of Washington CSE.

jstnhuang/chatbot 16

Chatbot for ROS

jstnhuang/crowdmr 4

Client-side, peer-to-peer MapReduce

jstnhuang/cse481c_tutorials 3

CSE 481C tutorials

jstnhuang/covidcharts 2

COVID-19 Charts

djbutler/figleaf 1

Privacy tools for robotics.

jstnhuang/autocp 1

Automatic Camera Placement for RViz

jstnhuang/crosswikis 1

Repository for all things Crosswikis

jstnhuang/cse101 1

Notes on computer science.

jstnhuang/learninglabs 1

Purely educational projects in web development.