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Jeffrey Seyfried jseyfried Mountain View, CA

jseyfried/rust-core_io 1

Rust std::io with all the parts that don't work in core removed.

jseyfried/cargo 0

The Rust package manager

jseyfried/GBArs 0

A GBA emulator written in Rust.

jseyfried/mio 0

Metal IO library for Rust

jseyfried/multipart 0

A backend-agnostic extension for file uploads in HTTP libraries for Rust

jseyfried/pkg-config-rs 0

Build library for invoking pkg-config for Rust

jseyfried/radiant-rs 0

Rust sprite rendering engine

jseyfried/rfcs 0

RFCs for changes to Rust

jseyfried/rust 0

A safe, concurrent, practical language.

jseyfried/rust-bindgen 0

Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C (and some C++) libraries.