Jesse Ruderman jruderman Mozilla Mountain View, CA, USA

jruderman/after-fix 4

Track your after-fix tasks outside of Bugzilla. Prevent workarounds from outliving their purpose.

jruderman/stack-blame 4

Shows hg blame for each line of a stack trace, along with nearby lines.

jruderman/rust 3

A work-in-progress programming language; not yet suitable for users

jruderman/mozcommitbuilder 2

regression finder and building library for mozilla firefox's central repository

jruderman/funfuzz 0

JavaScript engine & DOM fuzzers

jruderman/FuzzManager 0

A fuzzing management tools collection

jruderman/jshint 0

JSHint is a community-driven tool to detect errors in JavaScript code and enforce your team's coding conventions.

jruderman/JSLint 0

The JavaScript Code Quality Tool

jruderman/meeting-minutes 0

Official minutes for Rust-related meetings

jruderman/ring 0

Safe, fast, small crypto using Rust & BoringSSL's cryptography primitives.