Josh Richard jrichard0725 ReCharge Payments Denver, CO

jrichard0725/agolia-sandbox 0

Sandbox to tinker with Agolia

jrichard0725/angular-material-firebase-seed 0

Basic setup for Angular Front-end Firebase backend

jrichard0725/ 0

Website for Angular 2

jrichard0725/caddy-php 0

Caddy web server running with php 7

jrichard0725/cypress-docker-images 0

Docker images with Cypress dependencies and browsers

jrichard0725/python-black 0

Python Black Docker Image

jrichard0725/react-hot-loader 0

Tweak React components in real time.

jrichard0725/sandbox 0

A place to keep tinkerings with new things and such

jrichard0725/type-graphql 0

Create GraphQL schema and resolvers with TypeScript, using classes and decorators!