jpassaro/Audit-Alembic 2

An Alembic plugin to keep records of upgrades and downgrades.

jpassaro/filter-respond-repeat 1

Scans twitter for a given expression and autoresponds to tweets that contain it.

jpassaro/aws-lambda-builders 0

Python library to compile, build & package AWS Lambda functions for several runtimes & framework

jpassaro/CamelCaseMotion 0

A vim script to provide CamelCase motion through words (fork of inkarkat's camelcasemotion script)

jpassaro/circe 0

Yet another JSON library for Scala

jpassaro/circuit 0

CircuitBreaker is used to provide stability and prevent cascading failures in distributed systems.

jpassaro/click 0

Python composable command line interface toolkit

jpassaro/cpython 0

The Python programming language

jpassaro/csvkit 0

A suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats.