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jordiolivares/Olipressor 1

High lossy compression algorithm for images

jordiolivares/AdvancedFizzBuzz-ML 0

Very complex and machine learned FizzBuzz

jordiolivares/battery-trigger 0

A small utility to execute commands when triggered by battery events

jordiolivares/cloud-builders-community 0

Community-contributed images for Google Cloud Build

jordiolivares/csv2gpx 0

A CSV conversion system to GPX for a custom CSV file format

jordiolivares/email-reply-parser 0

:email: Email reply parser library for Python

jordiolivares/HelloWorld-BigDataEdition 0

Very Big Data project to execute Hello World with maximum performance across multiple nodes

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A small utility to execute commands when triggered by battery events

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Upgrade to sbt 1.3.4

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Upgrade to sbt 1.3.4

This PR changes the version of SBT being built from 1.2.8 to 1.3.4

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Upgrade to sbt 1.3.4

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