Jonathan Weisz jon-weisz Columbia University New York, New York

albertchalom/jaco-ros 0

Official ROS packages for JACO arm

alexsigaras/GraspIT_EEG 0

GraspIT BCI Implementation with Emotiv EEG

jon-weisz/advanced_nodelet_throttle 0

Fuller featured version of the nodelet_throttle tool from the nodelet_topic_tools. Includes actions to asynchronously set update rate, and the option to publish just one message.

jon-weisz/baxter_cpp 0

Additional Baxter packages for MoveIt, written entirely in C++

jon-weisz/bullet3 0

Bullet Physics 3.x AND Bullet 2 official repository with GPU rigid body pipeline

jon-weisz/cartesian_trajectory_msgs 0

ROS Packages for representing Cartesian Trajectories