johnflavin/holdem 2

Simulates a game of Texas Hold'em. Written with an eye towards generality, so should be extensible to other poker games without too much work.

XnatWorkshop/docker-demo 2

Demo files for XNAT/Docker presentation

johnflavin/coursera-data-science-python 1

Assignments for the courses in the Coursera Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

johnflavin/automate-nrg 0

Automate connecting to the NRG VPN and setting up my environment

johnflavin/boutiques 0

JSON schema and tools for boutiques application descriptors.

johnflavin/boutiques-examples 0

Example boutiques descriptors

johnflavin/boutiques-paper 0

A report describing the Boutiques system.

johnflavin/condr-lesion-demo-201801 0

Code for a demo - running pyradiomics on lesion data from CONDR_METS

johnflavin/container-service 0

XNAT Container Service

johnflavin/container-service-paper 0

Notes for a paper on the XNAT Container Service

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Conda package


I would like to be able to install this package with conda via conda-forge.

I am willing to create the recipe and submit it to conda-forge by following this guide. It won't be much work to create, just a few minutes.

But while I can create the recipe, I'm not sure I want to be on the hook for maintaining the recipe 😬. Really, the only maintenance would be keeping the conda recipe up-to-date with any new version releases or dependency changes. As in, when you push a new version to pypi, just update the conda-forge recipe as well.

Are there any maintainers here who would be willing to fill the role of maintainer of the conda-forge recipe?

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issue commentpluralsight/spavro

Conda package

Awesome! Thanks.


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issue openedpandas-dev/pandas

BUG: NA does not propagate through mask and where

  • [X] I have checked that this issue has not already been reported.

  • [X] I have confirmed this bug exists on the latest version of pandas.

  • [ ] (optional) I have confirmed this bug exists on the master branch of pandas.

Note: Please read this guide detailing how to provide the necessary information for us to reproduce your bug.

Code Sample, a copy-pastable example

>>> a = pd.DataFrame([{'col': 'a'}] * 3).convert_dtypes()
>>> a
0   a
1   a
2   a
>>> tfna = pd.Series([True, False, pd.NA]).convert_dtypes()
>>> tfna
0     True
1    False
2     <NA>
dtype: boolean
>>> a.mask(tfna, 'b')
0   b
1   a
2   b
>>> a.where(tfna, 'b')
0   a
1   b
2   b

Problem description

When replacing values with mask or where, pd.NA values in a boolean series used for the cond input are always replaced. This means pd.NA gets treated as False by where but as True by mask.

Expected Output

I would expect that pd.NA values in cond would propagate to the output.

>>> a.mask(tfna, 'b')
0     b
1     a
2  <NA>
>>> a.where(tfna, 'b')
0     a
1     b
2  <NA>

Output of pd.show_versions()



commit : None python : python-bits : 64 OS : Darwin OS-release : 18.7.0 machine : x86_64 processor : i386 byteorder : little LC_ALL : None LANG : en_US.UTF-8 LOCALE : en_US.UTF-8

pandas : 1.0.5 numpy : 1.19.1 pytz : 2020.1 dateutil : 2.8.1 pip : 20.1.1 setuptools : 49.2.0.post20200712 Cython : None pytest : 5.4.3 hypothesis : None sphinx : None blosc : None feather : None xlsxwriter : None lxml.etree : None html5lib : None pymysql : None psycopg2 : None jinja2 : 2.11.2 IPython : 7.15.0 pandas_datareader: None bs4 : None bottleneck : None fastparquet : None gcsfs : None lxml.etree : None matplotlib : 3.2.2 numexpr : None odfpy : None openpyxl : None pandas_gbq : None pyarrow : 0.17.1 pytables : None pytest : 5.4.3 pyxlsb : None s3fs : 0.4.2 scipy : None sqlalchemy : None tables : None tabulate : None xarray : None xlrd : None xlwt : None xlsxwriter : None numba : None


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