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adobe-research/theseus 1340

A pretty darn cool JavaScript debugger for Brackets

adobe-research/spindle 337

Next-generation web analytics processing with Scala, Spark, and Parquet.

adobe-research/ActionScript4 170

ActionScript 4 specification archive

adobe-research/fondue 108

JavaScript instrumentation library for collecting traces

adobe-research/libkafka 88

A C++ client library for Apache Kafka v0.8+. Also includes C API.

adobe-research/GCview 67

GC / memory management visualization and monitoring framework.

adobe-research/spark-parquet-thrift-example 48

Example Spark project using Parquet as a columnar store with Thrift objects.

adobe-research/svgObjectModelGenerator 45

SVG OM Generator & Writer

adobe-research/spark-cluster-deployment 42

Automates Spark standalone cluster tasks with Puppet and Fabric.

issue commentadobe/react-spectrum

@react-spectrum/icon has required peerDependency of @react-spectrum/provider when @adobe/react-spectrum also satisfies

@devongovett any decisions on this? Happy to modify #1714 to your liking.

I am hitting the same annoying issue when trying to add @react-spectrum/autocomplete. PNPM tells me:

@react-spectrum/autocomplete > @react-spectrum/button: @react-spectrum/text@3.1.3 requires a peer of @react-spectrum/provider@^3.0.0

It seems like we need a all-subpackage-wide policy on either a.) always listing @react-spectrum/provider as a real dependency, or b.) always listing it as an optional peer dependency, alongside listing @adobe/react-spectrum as an optional peer dependency.


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Full-featured MP4 format, MPEG DASH, HLS, CMAF SDK and tools

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better doc

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Full-featured MP4 format, MPEG DASH, HLS, CMAF SDK and tools

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issue openedadobe/react-spectrum

[SearchField] onKeyDown event handler never called

<!--- STOP! Before you open an issue please search this repository's issues to see if it has already been reported. This helps reduce duplicate issues from being created. --> <!--- SECURITY DISCLOSURE: If this is a security disclosure please follow the guidelines in This helps keep folks from accidentally releasing vulnerabilities before the maintainers get a chance to fix the issue. -->

The documentation for SearchField indicates that it supports an onKeyDown event handler. However, if a handler is registered, it is never called.

I believe the cause is that this code overrides the onKeyDown prop from the spread:

Expected Behaviour

If I register a handler, it is called.

Actual Behaviour

It isn't.

Reproduce Scenario (including but not limited to)

Add an event handler, generate an event, and observe that the handler isn't called.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Register a handler
  2. Press a key

Platform and Version

Platform: Mac, but I can't imagine this matters. Version: 3.8.0, but the problem looks to be still present in main.

Sample Code that illustrates the problem

  placeholder="Enter text"
  onSubmit={(value: string) => {
    console.log("submitted", value);
  onClear={() => {
  onKeyDown={(event) => {
    console.log("you'll never see me", event);
  onKeyUp={(event) => {
    console.log("I work correctly", event);

Logs taken while reproducing problem

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