jnigri/atom-auto-indent 22

This package will allow you to auto-indent your current file.

jnigri/norminv 2

Inverse Normal Function

jnigri/angular-bootstrap-multiselect 0

A multiselect dropdown list for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

jnigri/atom-nodejs-debugger 0

A nodejs debugger integrated in editor.

jnigri/brjs 0

BladeRunnerJS (BRJS) is an open source development toolkit and framework for modular construction of large single-page HTML5 apps. It consists of a set of conventions, supporting tools and micro-libraries that make it easy to develop, test, deploy and maintain complex JavaScript apps.

jnigri/cerebral-website 0

Cerebral website

jnigri/hacking-journey 0

Want to learn hacking, here is a good place to start...


started time in 3 months