jivadevoe/UIAlertView-Blocks 891

A category for UIAlertView which allows you to use blocks to handle the pressed button events rather than implementing a delegate.

jivadevoe/NSTimer-Blocks 291

Simple category on NSTimer to give it blocks capability.

jivadevoe/RandomLib 19

A collection of utility categories and classes that I use in my iOS and Mac development.

jivadevoe/cappuccino 2

Web Application Framework in JavaScript and Objective-J

jivadevoe/facebook-iphone-sdk 2

Facebook Connect for iPhone OS 3.x

jivadevoe/mpoauthconnection 2

A fork of MPOauth because I'm too lazy to use svn. Don't download this, go get the original from google code (see the home page).

jivadevoe/CappuccinoResource 1

Cappuccino on Rails

jivadevoe/EGOTableViewPullRefresh 1

A similar control to the pull down to refresh control created by atebits in Tweetie 2.

jivadevoe/ELCTextFieldCell 1

A demo project for the UITableViewCell subclass ELCTextFieldCell to help with form creation

jivadevoe/MGSplitViewController 1

A flexible, advanced split-view controller for iPad developers.


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