Jacob Holtom jholtom WISCA @ ASU Tempe, Arizona, USA Electrical Engineering PhD Student at ASU

jholtom/android_device_asus_tf101 11

Device Tree for Ubuntu Touch on the TF101

jholtom/ccsds-kernel-drivers 6

CCSDS Linux (and uCLinux) Kernel Drivers

jholtom/kernel_asus_tf101-lumpy 5

Elite kernel merged into KAT

jholtom/liquid-dsp-bindings-sys 3

Rust bindings for Liquid DSP (

jholtom/liquid-dsp-bindings 1

Liquid DSP Bindings (Rust)

jholtom/pics-documentation 1

Documentation for PICS Mission

byuspacecraft/A2F 0

Library for the SmartFusion 2

byuspacecraft/tftp-hpa-spp 0

A brave attempt to hack up TFTP-HPA to use SPP instead. No rights reserved.