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Joey Geiger jgeiger Trane Technologies Louisville, CO Software Engineer

franckverrot/no_querying_views 60

No more querying views in your Rails apps

jgeiger/CombatTimer 1

A simple World of Warcraft addon to show how long you've been in combat.

jgeiger/curate 1

Curate text documents using the NCBO Annotator

jgeiger/dockerfiles 1

A collection of Dockerfiles to build containers

jgeiger/gminer 1

Application to annotate NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus(GEO) data using the NCBO Open Biomedical Annotator(OBA)

jgeiger/gminer_cloud_processor 1

cloud crowd ncbo processor for gminer

jgeiger/gminer_databaser 1

Saves newly created annotations into the database for GMiner

jgeiger/gminer_node 1

Node to launch processors for the GMiner annotation distribution

jgeiger/gminer_processor 1

Processor to take jobs and send them to the NCBO annotator

jgeiger/gminer_scheduler 1

Scheduler for the GMiner distributed annotation process