jfx41/vudu 4

Ruby API to the Ultraviolet Disc2Digital API

jfx41/bluepill 2

CCDC Blue Team Stuff

jfx41/hiveos 1

HiveOS patches and scripts

jfx41/ryuk 1

An automated installer for Cuckoo Malware Sandbox on Ubuntu 16.04

RevolutionRigs/hiveos 1

HiveOS scripts and patches

jfx41/baconbits 0

Snort installation and version manager. Designed to make deploying Snort for rule writing easy.

jfx41/badger 0

Ingress Agent Community ID Badge Creator

jfx41/Class5 0

Class 5 Vapors

jfx41/CTFcub 0

CTFcub files for the capture the flag challenges

jfx41/cuckoo 0

Cuckoo Sandbox main repository